Requirements for the Slurry Seal and Micro-Surfacing Mix Design

cold asphalt

Nowadays, the problem of keeping roads and preventing the increase of maintenance costs is one of the main policies of the responsible organizations. Preventive maintenance methods, in addition to reducing the cost of repairing and maintaining roads, cause Increasing longevity and improving road performance. Protective asphalt is one of the most popular maintenance methods in which Micro-Surfacing has particular importance and specificity. Basic point In this regard, this kind of asphalt, like any other asphalt pavement, needs to be designed and presented with a mix design.

If this type of asphalt does not meet the criteria stated in the mix design standards, the layers can not be implemented properly and its lifetime and function will naturally be in doubt. In this article to investigate the required tests and the objectives of each test to achieve the optimal micro-surfacing mix design based on The latest modified version of the Micro-Surfacing Standard, introduced in 2015, is addressed.

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