Project Outline Zahedan

zahedan project

The implementation of the current layer of hot mix asphalt pavement in the road between Zahedan-Dashtak goes back to more than 5 years ago and due to the observed complications, including thermal cracks with span less than 2 cm, the presence of rut in the path of heavy vehicles tiers and pasty asphalt in some parts, the project was defined and implemented as follows:

– Polymeric joint-sealing with a length of 50,000 meters

– Milling  and patching with hot mix asphalt to 25000 square meters and 6 cm thickness

– Implementation of Micro-Surfacing protective asphalt in two layers of tunning and constant thickness layers of 150,000 square meters and average thickness of 2 cm

In addition to eliminating all existing malfunctions, this operation has increased the level of road service and age lasted at least 5 years.

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