Project Outline Tabriz-Zanjan

Project Outline Tabriz-Zanjan

Tabriz – Zanjan freeway with traffic passing over 200 cars per hour and considering that this route is the main route of transit of goods from Turkey to Tehran, is one of the most important routes with heavy traffic in Iran.

In recent years, due to government economic problems, less attention has been paid to this road. Therefore, lots of cracks have been generated because of fatigue and there are obvious rutting along the 3d lane.

This project are aimed at improving the service level And preventing the transmission and reflection of the following cracks to the final level.

Some parts of the path that the cracks were mostly thermal crack, emulsion bitumen was injected with the help of a Scrap brush. Scrap-Seal helps bitumen to penetrate smoothly and uniformly into all cracks.

In some cases, with more malfunctioning conditions and cracks with wide openings, Fiber Chip-Seal operations and latex polymerized cold emulsion asphalt were carried out. The Fiber Chip-Seal was performed in Iran by our company for the first time. The implementation of the chip-sealer fiber makes it possible to delay the cracks reflection up to 3 times.

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