Identification of Factors Affecting Micro-Surfacing Durability and Mixing Design

Typically, repairs and maintenance of roads are carried out with two main objectives: first, increasing safety and creating traffic flows on the road, and then reducing the costs of maintenance in the coming years. Protective asphalt is one of the most commonly used methods for preservation of pavement, in which fine grained protection asphalt (micro-surfacing) has special importance and specificity. The basic point in this regard is that like any other asphalt pavement, for this type of asphalt, it is necessary to design and present a mixing plan. Therefore, different parameters (such as aggregate, filler, bitumen, type and amount of latex, etc.) will affect the durability and life span of this asphalt.

In this research, we tried to sample the materials used in several real projects in the field of asphalt protection, and to be evaluated and controlled according to the ISSA latest standard edition of the mixing plan for this material.

The results of the research show that some of these mixing designs do not provide the required international standards tests and therefore can be very effective in the durability of this kind of asphalt in the near future.

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