Well-equipped Central Laboratory

This laboratory controls compatibility of additives with existing aggregate and bitumen in the region to provide the best possible mix design for producing the most appropriate bitumen emulsion and different types of asphalt. Meanwhile, this laboratory is co-working with Iran National Standards Organization and has received the relevant technical certificate.

Features and Capabilities

1 Penetration ASTM D5 ISIRI 2950
2 Softening Point ASTM D36 ISIRI 3868
2 Flash Point ASTM D92 ISIRI 198
4 Ductility ASTM D113 ISIRI 3866
5 Loss on Heating ASTM D1754
6 Kinematic viscosity ASTM D2170 ISIRI 12855
7 Solubility in TCE ASTM D2042 ISIRI 2953
8 Specific gravity ASTM D3289 ISIRI 2956
9 Thin film oven test, TFOT ASTM D6 ISIRI 2957
10 Spot Test AASHTOT-102 ISIRI 2949
11 N-heptane Insolubles ASTM D3279 ISIRI18414
12 Separation of Bitumen into four fractions ASTM D4124-97
13 Bitumen Emulsion Production in lab ASTM D244 ISIRI 13582
14 Bitumen Emulsion storage stability ASTM D244 ISIRI 12505
15 Bitumen Emulsion Settlement ASTM D6930 ISIRI 20637
16 Particle Charge of Cationic Emulsified bitumen ASTM D6930 ISIRI 20637
17 Cement Mixing of Emulsified bitumen ASTM D244 ISIRI 13581
18 Sive Test of Emulsified bitumen ASTM D6933 ISIRI 20638
19 Residue by Evaporation ASTM D6997 ISIRI 13580
20 Coating ability & Water Resistance ASTM D244 ISIRI 12505
21 Residue by Distillation ASTM D6997 ISIRI 13580
22 Elastic Recovery ASTM D244 ISIRI 12505
23 Saybolt Furol Viscosity ASTM D88 ISIRI 20644
24 Flash Point of cutback asphalt with tag open-cup ASTM D3143 ISIRI 12860
25 Distillation of cutback bituminous products ASTM D402 ISIRI 12859
26 Viscosity of asphalts by vacuum capillary viscometer ASTM D2170 ISIRI 12855
27 Mix design in slurry surfacing ISSA TB 105
28 Determine set and cure development of slurry surfacing systems by cohesion tester ISSA TB 139
29 Wet track abrasion of slurry surfacing systems ISSA TB 100
30 Measurement of excess asphalt in tester and sand adhesion ISSA TB 109&147A
31 Classification of slurry surfacing materials compatibility by schulze procedures ISSA TB 144
32 Resistance to plastic flow of bituminous mixtures using marshall apparatus ASTM D 1188 ASTM D 1559 ISIRI 12381
33 Quantitative extraction of bitumen ASTMD 2172
34 Determination of water content of soil AASHTO T 73-293 ASTM 2216-71
35 Ductility coefficient B.S. 812-1975
36 Relative density and absorption of coarse aggregate ASTM C 127-81
37 Relative density and absorption of fine aggregate AASHTO T 84-74 ASTM C 128-79
38 Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse aggregates AASHTO T 88-70 ASTM D 422-63 ISIRI 4977
39 Hydrometer method to determine soil aggregation AASHTO T 88-70 ASTM D 422-63 ISIRI 19898
40 Liquid Limit of Soils ASTM D 423-66 AASHTO T 89-68
41 Test for Plastic Limit AASHTO T 90-70 ASTM D 424-59
42 Resistance to degradation of small size coars by los angeles machine ASTM C131 ISIRI 448
43 Sand Equivalent Value of Soils and Fine Aggregate ASTM D2419 ISIRI 1685
44 Aggregate- Soundness of Aggregates by use of Sodium Sulfate or Magnesium Sulfate ASTM C670 ISIRI 449
45 Determining the ratio of methylene blue mineral filler ISSA TB 145
46 Determining percentage of fractured particles in coarse aggregate ASTM D5821 ISIRI 11568

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