Investigating the Effect of Iran Bitumen Quality on the Performance of Micro-Surfacing Protective Asphalt

supplying bitumen

By doing preventive maintenance and applying the methods of pavement restoration, while keeping the operating conditions, the quality of operation is improved and by providing low cost solutions, the quality of the pavement efficiency also increases. Among the most efficient mixtures of protective asphalt micro-surfacing is a kind of emulsion asphalt mixture that is usually produced and dispersed in a cold (at ambient temperature) temperature.

 The purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of bitumen, which is one of the main components of micro-surfacing, on the quality of this type of protective asphalt. Accordingly, four samples of bitumen from the main Iranian bitumen refineries, including Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas, were prepared and in fully equipped Sepahan Ghir Chabahar laboratory, which owns the main machines for testing the quality of slurry mixtures and micro-surfacing, while investigating their chemical and physical properties, Polymer emulsion with all of them was made and then compared micro-surfacing samples with these emulsion bitumen, based on the design of ISSA and with a good quality materials of their properties.

According to the results obtained by assuming that all the components of the micro-surfacing mixture were fixed, changing the bitumen and using that four types of bitumen tested, the change was not significant and had no effect on the results of the experiments.

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