Paving Managment System

As it is shown in quality changes chart during time, preventing maintenance is the lowest cost type of road maintenance. We execute different types of preventing maintenance as Micro-Surfacing, Chip-Sealing, Scrub-Sealing. Also in defer action stage we need to create a tension absorbing layer with an anti reflection cracking system which leads us to use Cape-Seal

100KM Cape Sealing
500KM Chip Sealing
3000KM Scrub Sealing
200KM Microsurfacing
500KM Hot Mix Asphalt
1000KM Cold Mix Asphalt

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Our company constructs over 400 kilometers of rural asphalt roads in deprived areas in Iran every year. These projects connect nearly 100 small villages to each other and main roads. The projects are mostly scattered over a vast area of 250 thousand square kilometers, which is nearly as much as the land area in Oman. Therefore, it is not economically feasible to install fixed asphalt plants for each individual project, so we have redeveloped a method for making cold asphalt using a special bitumen emulsion and then designed some mobile asphalt plants for producing and implementing that kind of asphalt.

Statistics About Cold Mix Asphalt

3000KM Rural Roads Constructed
10Days to Setup a Workshop
2.5Centimeter-thick Asphalt
800Kilograms Marshall Stability