Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA)

Asphalt coatings are always one of the most expensive parts of the construction and maintenance of roads, which are allocated millions of dollars annually...
Oman Exhibition

Oman Exhibition

The Oman's International Infrastructure Exhibition is one of the most prominent exhibitions of its kind. Each year, a large number of accredited Omani and non-Omani companies take part at the event bring their achievements and new technologies to visitors.
zahedan project

Project Outline Zahedan

The implementation of the current layer of hot mix asphalt pavement in the road between Zahedan-Dashtak goes back to more than 5 years ago and due to the observed complications, including thermal cracks with span less than 2 cm, the presence of rut in the path of heavy vehicles tiers and pasty asphalt in some parts, the project was defined and implemented as follows:
Project Outline Tabriz-Zanjan

Project Outline Tabriz-Zanjan

Tabriz – Zanjan freeway with traffic passing over 200 cars per hour and considering that this route is the main route of transit of goods from Turkey to Tehran, is one of the most important routes with heavy traffic in Iran.
cold asphalt

Requirements for the Slurry Seal and Micro-Surfacing Mix Design

Nowadays, the problem of keeping roads and preventing the increase of maintenance costs is one of the main policies of the responsible organizations. Preventive maintenance methods, in addition to reducing the cost of repairing and maintaining roads, cause Increasing longevity and improving road performance.